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We want to make sure we do everything we can to make sure we achieve your vision and objectives throughout the entire project. Our primary goal is to listen to you and provide the very best guidance you have a clear understanding of what to expect every step of the way. Below is an overview of our approach and process. This will give you a sense for the steps we will take to complete your project.


The first step in our process is to sit and talk with you to understand your objectives, core needs, any constraints and the overall vision you have for your project. Once we've had a chance to understand your needs, we provide you with a proposal that clearly outlines the scope of your project, estimated timelines as well as cost.


Once we have finalized the scope and have an approved proposal, we will begin with a site assessment to review any views, topography and the best solar exposure for your new building.  Then, we will begin developing a selection of design ideas for your project. We prefer to work hand in hand with the client to develop the design, often meeting in person or online and working directly with you on the 3D model of your project.  We review each concept with you to refine the direction that best achieves your vision and objectives. The refinement phase typically goes through multiple rounds.


Once there is an approved Schematic Design, the next phase of our project will encompass a number of things. The design work will be finalized and more detailed drawings for a construction and permit set of drawings will begin. The Architect will coordinate with the structural engineer and any other consultants such as mechanical, electrical, civil and landscape design as applicable to each project.  After the drawings are complete, the Architect will aid the owner or owner's representative to submit and obtain the applicable permits.  


If a client would like, our firm can also prefer what is known as Construction Administration or Oversight.  The Architect is available to answer any questions that come up from the contractors or owners during construction, oversee the project to ensure that it is being built per the design drawings and to help decide on any change that may be requested or required during the construction process.  

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